The last dance
Project info

My project was born from the primary need to pass on to posterity the beautiful love story of my parents. In the days of the pandemic, I felt an urge to testify to their feelings and the breach of oppression due to the closure that I and they experienced. And so day after day I tried to freeze their moments and also their loneliness. I have already obtained a small result, now I know them better with photography. My project aims at refining the golden age and it is in my intentions to continue not only in their family environment but also with their difficulty in living and resuming their first shy moments of socialization. Because often those people have no voice, they are part of another generation that will have great difficulties to start again. My parents are known in their community because they lead an association that gathered more than 100 elderly people with social dancing and dating activities. What will become of their future, there is a strong intention to open everything in autumn. My father is 85 years old and my mother 83, they have known each other for at least 70 years and have been married since 1957. I am very interested in the strength beyond the sentiments that this copy gives off. Of course in them there is the sign of time but also a fresh youth and a strong attachment to life are perceived.