I kown you won't leave me alone
Project info

This photographic project was carried out in my hometown in 2020. The inspiration for the theme comes from the questioning of myself, of this city, and the decade of my nomad.During the lockdown period, I rethought the connection between landscape and society. In fact, we are convinced of what we are accustomed to, and thus we build a standar to accept what is real.People have gotten used to looking at landscapes in the artificial aesthetic way, and nature becomes no longer natural. we have artificially established a kind of authenticity of the social landscape. From the cult of the natural landscape, to the reconstruction of the rivers and the recess of the mountains, the omnipresent popular landscape generated by human intervention, has it become a "contemporary nature"? This photography series combines daily life with night activities, offers a visual exploration with modified landscapes and their power of cohabitation with society , by presenting the limitation of the real under artificial influence.