Project info

My practice deals with potentialities within archival institutional systems of extracting and documenting specific historical events. Where forms of documentation and preservation reduce these potentialities to absent. A document implements a myopic lens in which we see history as linear, it doesn't recognise the multiple haptic conditions and experiences that existed within a the historical event . Documents, therefore, become historical currencies fit according to the value attained by a document relative to the institutional hierarchy. Through recognising these potentialities as a resistant structure, histories can be built malleable, it can be legitimate in its precision and imprecision.

The title of the work is extracted from a book called Neglected Arabia which initiated my questions on the archive, since it grounded my understanding on the difference between reclaiming history and having ownership of such documents. This book determined for me that potentialities aren't only a transparent means of facilitating history from the experience to the document, but it’s imminence also has an equal right and space to that of the document.