Project info

These portraits are part of a larger series of fortune telling card imagery. Not based on tarot, which is a form of cartomancy, these are following the long tradition of making cards in different mediums, and meanings.

When I was young I loved collage, and would destroy stacks of magazines in the hunt for just the right components to rubber-cement together. When I first saw photo composites with digital photography, I was excited that it could realize the dream of collage combined with photography. After spending a while learning how to composite in photoshop, I realized that composites that look entirely real aren't my cup of tea - I love the fake-ness of them, and the awkwardness, that they look constructed.

Because this is a part of a series, sometimes the images appear in shows as cards (with card-like frame, and the name of the card at the bottom), and eventually I hope to publish a deck of cards. These images are not formatted as cards, obviously.