Chiaroscuro. 2017
Project info

Chiaroscuro is a plastic technique which consists in using the contrast between light and darkness to define the volume and relevance of specific figures in a composition. It started to appear in the works of Flemish and Italian painters in the Cinquecento (16th century). It reached its peak during the Baroque period (16th and 17th century) thanks to artists like Caravaggio. Chiaroscuro continued to evolve, resulting in Tenebrism (17th century) a strong application of chiaroscuro, in which it is just the key figures which are illuminated and therefore enhanced in a dominantly dark background. In Tenebrism, the theme and composition of the painting are presented in a dramatised and subjective way.

Conceptually, chiaroscuro is a premise still present nowadays in different forms of art such as photography or filmmaking. In this personal quest of the imperfect and blurry image, I mean to turn pinhole photography into an abstract image with the help of photographic processing and the potential of analogue printing. I intend to preserve the imperfection of pinhole photography in the final image, remember history, and play with our perception of time to bring photography and painting very close together.