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Trivial. Hidden. But not insignificant.
Each an entrepreneur, a microunit, a leaves footprint small enough than most people I know on this earth .
Smaller than the smallest mom and pop store, yet a microcosm of support to an invisible family that contributes in turn to the livelihood.
Walk along the city beaches , old streets of Southern India and you will come across a thousand more faces like theirs.
Merchants. Vendors. Hawkers. Peddlars.
They are independent of dole and banks, retailers and wholesalers, homes and shops. They create a market within the market, seeking customers even in temperatures of 40 degrees celcius. Often extending their business hours with low-cost artificial lighting long through the night.
Surviving on the haves, at a notch above the have nots. Each a business owner with low literacy levels and zero potential employability.
Where will they go when the big boxes arrive?