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Self Portraiture

As a woman that had four children, home birthed two of the four and home schooled all through high school, Karen’s creative output was to inspire others and help provide a platform for creative and independent thinking. It was a daunting task that came with more rewards than any sacrifices, and Karen found sacrifice of leads to growth. As the children grew and became independent learners, Karen began to find herself again with time and energy to focus on herself while guiding the children through their studies throughout the day. She decided to find herself again through her photography and felt to take a good look at herself was a good place to start. This became a study that started twelve years ago and continues today.

Not only did the studies make her more confident in her personal view of herself, but helped her see herself and the importance her person is in the world and environment around her. Each portrait she takes addresses an multitude of interesting layers of complexities. Herself, her body language, where she is, what is happening around her, how she feels, what she hears, what she smells. Like a voguer looking at everything as if in a hologram, and how all components static and moving in that single moment line up like a beat in a rhythm they become cohesively one. She sees herself in the abstractions in life, adapting and finding inspiration in the uncertainties, and reflecting what her soul reflects and a
Reacts to the environment around her. Weaving the layers together to create personal tapestries of life.