Project info

In Mt. Zao, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, a rare winter phenomenon called "Juhyo" can be seen. "Juhyo" is called "Snow Monster" because of its unusual shape. They are created by westerlies causing humid and strong winds and a lot Currently, many of Abies mariesii are dying due to the outbreak of longhorn beetles and moths. The temperature in Yamagata has risen by 2 degrees Celsius compared to 80 years ago.
This is due to global warming, where temperatures continue to rise.
Tourism development is also a cause of environmental destruction.
The purpose of this project is to share this wonderful phenomenon with people and prevent it from being lost due to global warming. Juhyo can be seen from January to March. However, the formation mechanism requires "Abies mariesii" and highlands, cold strong winds, and a lot of snow.