Mood Swings in Lockdown
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Welcome to our home.

We are a family of Russian immigrants who moved to Tokyo in 2013. Living in a tiny apartment is never easy, but last year was a whole new experience for us.

In 2020, Japanese Government declared State of Emergency two times and Tokyo underwent several soft lockdowns. Bringing up a one-year old under these circumstances was the biggest exercise in patience our family has ever had.

Our daughter displayed the biggest mood swings we've ever seen during this time. Staying indoor must have taken its toll, I guess. I don't know if this is what all one-year olds do, but it almost drove us parents insane. Trying to balance work and childcare from a 50sq.m. apartment proved to be harder than we though (we both have been working remotely full time since April 2020).

To keep myself together, I started documenting episodes of these swings on an old film camera I got from my uncle.

I definitely felt the therapeutic effect and hopefully made some pictures that will help other families who went through this distance themselves from their routines and maybe feel a little better. Kids are funny sometimes, after all.