The light side
Project info

Photography has always been a moment for me to look inside. I don't understand why I take certain photos. I let it carry me. I don't have a great use of technique or particular geometries or references of style. After taking a while looking at the photos I wonder what I am looking for of myself in those photos. I prefer the film, because the waiting for the development is sparkling waiting anxiously to look at the proofs to choose what to print, but for this project it was not possible to use film, for me and then this is another matter. In these photos, taken during the last year, there is a great transformation, a search for hidden beauty. I'm tired of seeing only the dark side of things, I feel the need to abolish any form of expression that recalls the darkness, the hidden, the perverse, the morbid, which so attracts humanity in this historical period. I feel I want to share the clear side that is often slow to emerge. It explodes in childhood and slowly leaves space and retreats. I would like to convey the desire to look at the most beautiful part of us, the one we often hide both outside and from ourselves.