The Bold and the Beautiful
Project info

The title of my work The Bold and the Beautiful comes from an American soap opera and deals with the attitude of life of the so called “rich and beautiful”. I grew up in Zollikon at the Golden coast of Lake Zurich. It is a privileged neighborhood, where I still live and photograph. I started by portraying my female neighbors, the typical housewives. At the moment, I mainly photograph myself together with my mother.

Ideas surrounding the pursuit of ideals, the act of self -presentation, youth and caducity, poses and hopes are recurrent themes throughout my work. Thereby I altercate myself strongly with aesthetic and irony. In this process I intentionally ‘scratch’ past kitsch and subliminal drama. I am fascinated in showing moments of strangeness and familiarity at the same time, and also that ambivalence in my works relationship to myself.