Project info

Decalcomania is a transfer technique often used in surrealist painting. The artist covers the canvas on the painted work, and when these materials are removed, the pattern can be transferred to make it further modified.

The creative process is that I spend a planned idea wonderful day with my friend first, and shoot everything that happened on this day with b&w 35 mm film. Then choose our favorite moment from all the negatives, go back to that scene, and recreate that photo with the artificial lighting and color digital camera. Rainy is one of the characters in the series Decalcomania. We are good friends and classmates in the photography major study.

The student period is very important and unique to everyone, surrounded by like-minded people. At the same time, as a Chinese student study abroad alone in the United States, I need to find my sense of belonging among my peers. We all saw our own reflection in each other. But because I was worried about when such days would end suddenly, I felt uneasy, after all, nothing gold can stay. As a photographer, I can't keep this memory intact by repeating the photos, but I know the moment she looked at me when I left, the same look every time. It is those sincere and existing things that determine my memory and have the courage to face the unknown future. The time we once spent, even if it will pass, has actually happened.

The form of the work is also discussing the idea of "Aura" and "Authenticity" in "The Art In the Age of Mecha