Chertanovo Escape
Project info

A project about people searching for their ultimate escape in Chertanovo, a brutal area in the south of Moscow.

In 2020 we all have faced numerous limitations. As a commercial photographer, I have practically lost all my income, had to stop my psychotherapy sessions, and become frustrated, terrified and isolated from the world, in the area I have recently moved to.

My situation was critical: I had to find something that would draw my attention from traumatic thoughts.

While walking through the area around me I have noticed that people mostly were there fo the same purpose: we all wanted to run away from the terrifying news, compulsive thoughts, fear of uncertainty and pain caused by losing our personal, physical, financial and social freedom. We all were same at that moment, looking for a way to escape. And I realised exactly what I should do.

In May 2020, I have made several posts on local social media groups, searching for people to become a part of my personal project. To all my heroes I asked one question: «What is your spot in Chertanovo where you feel good?». They answered and we scheduled our meeting there.

I got a clear sense, that feeling good in these hard times is a true power, a human is able to posess. To celebrate it, I decided to illuminate people who find their personal escape in this brutal area with bright colours, that contrast so much with our dull reality.

As it turned out, while running this project I found my personal escape too.