Synchronised Swimming
Project info

The unique wild Synchronised Swimming group initially formed to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Henleaze Swimming Lake, Bristol. The team consists of 80 people aged between 11-76 who were once strangers. Over time this group has created a space where strong friendships have formed, enabling them to share significant life moments with one another.

This work recognises their relationship; with one another and to the challenging environment, both as individuals and as a group. Working as a team and within the water has substantial benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Water immersion naturally releases Oxytocin providing a feeling of calm and positivity, which allows bonds to form at a deeper level.

Since the project, we still keep in contact with one another, I send them news about the series and they send me photos of their swims. We have even gone swimming together where they taught me some synchronised swimming moves. We performed in our own company in an empty lake while the team sang ‘Her Bathing Suit Never Got Wet’ by The Andrew Sisters which echoed through the lake and forest, it was such an incredible and memorable moment for me. It was truly magic. They have really kept each other's spirits high during lockdown, the friendships they have formed are so strong. To think they were strangers not too long ago!