Mom's Recovery
Project info

I am the caretaker of my mom who is recovering from COVID and has been hospitalized 3 times in December 2020 and January 2021. The series of photographs was inspired by the fact that my mom almost died, coupled with the $90 bill for the Covid Test. I called her insurance company to ask why she was charged because under the Cares Act the test should be free. The Insurance Specialist explained she was not charged for the test, she was only charged because she was "seen." I asked "If my mom's doctor wore a blind fold so he couldn't see her, then could we have saved the $90?" He said I didn't understand. He repeated the $90 was NOT for the COVID test, but because the doctor "saw" her -- Since then, each day I have taken a picture of my mom, celebrating the fact that we can see her, because she exists, she can be seen.