Phantoms of the City
Project info

** A photo story about a wild-goose chase.


As the day silently retreats like defeated armies, yielding to the sovereignty of night; I take refuge in the dream of you once more to avoid vanishing away amongst the melancholic phantoms of the city running around in a desperate hurry.
Your vision drags me around in this city ignited by tired lights while I hopelessly keep on looking for you with a stuttering hope inside. Hoping one day I will have the chance to tell you about them, I steal the features of unknown faces passing by me.
I settle in all the corners of the streets holding on a happy coincidence of running into you.
I hide and wait under my umbrella at desolate bus stops. Who knows, this time, it may be you stepping out of a rain-soaked bus.
Or I trail behind the purposeful high heels vibrating the pavement. Will this uncontrollable longing come to an end if I whisper your name?
I do not whisper and you do not look back. I am desperately aware of the impossibility to find the real you amongst all those vague faces I have been looking at. That is when I stand catatonically right in the middle of this city with a huge emptiness inside me.
The dream of you becomes a vision turning me into a phantom in this city.