The Last Resort
Project info

In "The Last Resort" I integrate typical urban and landscape scenes into a spatially and culturally different context. My aim is to illustrate the interaction between nature and the space claimed by humans, thereby alluding to current challenges such as climate change, rural exodus, exclusion or the clash of social orders. The supposed objectivity and neutrality of the distant motifs presented in the long shot is called into question by the feeling of discomfort the surreal and sometimes dystopian-looking images create; the viewer can open up scope for interpretation in order to ascribe individual meaning.
Since its early days, artistic collage has been widely used to point out social or political grievances. Based on this tradition, I use the artistic process of digital photography and photomontage to create a dissonance between architecture, landscape and culture, like a proposal for a scenario of a more or less “fantastic”, temporally and spatially compressed, pictorial “reality”. In deceptive harmony, the resulting monumental visions present a closed, possibly existing world and leave the question of anticipated future or presence unanswered. They might stimulate reflection on the way we think of the world and our place in it today.
The work is shown as high-resolution, large-format prints.