Ave Coke
Project info

There are more than 15 million vending machines in the world. Of these, more than 5 million are in Japan, which in fact holds the highest share in the world both in terms of total number of machines and in terms of the number of machines per inhabitant and per square meter.
AveCoke wants to be the solemn and final greeting to a world
that we have now left behind, with all the sustainability that characterized it.
Through this project I wanted to take our selfish and spoiled nature to extremes, bringing vending machines to natural and unimaginable places as if they were totems to remind us that the world is not just us. To relate extreme anthropization to the rural landscape, and reflect on the ways in which man continues not to give up his vices despite the fact that we have been talking about climate change and poverty for years.
The images in this project are all digitally manipulated and no photos were taken by me except for the vending machines.
All the photos were taken by computer using the “google camera car” or photos taken by the “google contributors”.
It is important to reflect on a fundamental fact. Nothing surprises us anymore and everything can be if we read it somewhere on the web or by hearsay. And therefore even these photos, if presented in the right way and duly altered, can become a new reality without any of us asking the right question.