Project info

This piece of work is dedicated to the circus performers of the UK. I’ve always been curious to delve further into the life of circus performers, they’re unorthodox and unapologetic. Growing up in a small village with a subjectively rigid scope of the outside world led me to frequently revisit and resonate with these wonderful folk. They’re rebels with a cause; their cause to marvel those whose cages might need a gentle shake, simultaneously reminding us to encourage and explore our own peculiarities in the most wonderful way. I portrayed this clash by using a mundane location as a backdrop with the circus performers in their vibrant costumes. The circus seemed like somewhere I could fit in. Finally something I could be a part of, I simply didn’t fit in anywhere else, so why not? Sadly, early on in life I found out that I have hypermobility, meaning I’d probably spend more time in the hospital than anywhere if I did join. Disheartened as I was, I eventually found a way to get up close and personal and this project is the product of that.

‘Running away to the circus’ is a metaphor for escaping responsibility, but in reality they’re talented and running towards belonging.