Academy (2008 - 2010)
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The landscape of learning is changing.

Academy schools were introduced by the Labour government in 2000 as a way to inject much needed funding into a nationwide programme re-building of schools.

Budgetary control for education was shifted away from individual local authorities and funding was centralised in partnership with private financial institutions and individual sponsors.

Initially the scheme targeted those schools in dire need of repair and renovation, many of which were also performing badly in the school league tables. As such the opportunity to become an Academy was a chance to start again, with a new identity.

In 2010 the coalition government passed the Academy’s Act that allowed for any existing state school to apply for Academy status, also authorising the creation of free schools.

The Academy project documents the transition of staff and students from Withywood Community School in Bristol, into their new school, Merchants Academy between 2008 and 2010.