Technology in Bed
Project info

Alongside the tremendous development of technology, using smart devices all day long has become an inseparable part of human lives.
Devices such as Smart phones, Laptops, Tablets and other modern gadgets have had such a huge effect on human daily lives that have been able to play a key role in achieving goals. Lots of people, especially youths have been accustomed to using these modern gadgets so that they spend a large amount of time on technology-oriented activities even in bed during minutes ahead of sleeping. Some of them surf in social networks, some catch on articles, some follow news and some connect with their dears overseas. We should accept the fact that technology has entered into the most private moments of human lives including their beds no matter if it's negative or positive. Technology development has never been halted by negative critics and has been advancing rapidly in many different directions.
In this project, without any personal judgment, I tried to enter the privacy of people who not only accept the technology presence in their bed, but also let a digital camera in .