Framed Soul
Project info

The environment as storyboard for our feelings.
Framed architecture and nature work as analogy of the modern life, a life that runs faster and where the real essence of being is vanishing.
When you slow down a bit, you take a look into yourself just to discover a sense of loneliness and neglect, the kind of make you ask where you are going and what you are chasing after.
Nowadays, internet is the most powerful trend setter: values are counted in terms of "followers" or "likes". No more space for what you used to believe in, for your conviction of right and wrong.
Your soul wants to be a rebel, wants the freedom: a deep breath and you feel a brand new energy, hope and strength are coming their way, just follow your instinct.
There's always something beyond, a brand new start: the way you face ordinary challenges, even the hardest ones, tells the world what you are made of.
You are in the right to follow your dreams, you are in the right to live your life, your are in the right to grab the chances and be who you truly are.
No fear: everybody is part of the everything.