Windows of life.
Project info

Windows of life. The project speaks of the unique dimension of feeling home, the window, as a magic eye, fulfills the need to look through and find a piece of the world. Especially in an elderly couple, where contamination with the outside world is strongly sought, the neighbors become an extension of themselves and a look at their lives casts away loneliness.
The window becomes synonymous of energy that keeps company and rhythms the days. Who knows how many times we have heard the phrase "open the window, so the air changes" and then suddenly be attracted by the slits of light that enrich the day. You feel at home in front of a window and that's where everyone sits waiting for time to pass. The two protagonists of the "windows of life" project are my parents. The approach to the outside has always been an important aspect for a house, to feel inside, gives a sense of shelter and you feel safe, after all you are at home ... but it is as if you were outside.