Theodore and I
Project info

I am the father of a five-year old boy, Theodore, and the husband of Susan, his hard-working mother. These images attempt to investigate and understand parenthood, while trying to make sense of the many ways in which the three of us stabilize, influence, compliment, infiltrate, and upset each other’s sense of balance in the world.

Like many, I work best in a quiet place, without distractions. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, I quickly felt frustrated, and constantly thwarted, as the circumstances demanded that I put everyone’s needs before my own. Once we settled into our own version of “pandemic normalcy” I began to calm down and view the constant of chaos, humor, and increased sensitivity to living together as a stage. With that perspective I could step back, relax a little, and examine our habits, especially the tension and joy that exists between playing with and supporting him and my wife, while some days all I really wanted to do was to get up and walk out the door for some privacy and peace of mind.