Project info

This project is a study of the passage of time as seen over the home of Pauline, my neighbor of 27 years. This has been Pauline’s home since 1975. In 2020 it sheltered her from a deadly virus, but it also isolated her and her husband Jimmy from their family and their community.

In August 2020, Jimmy passed away. Pauline decided to stay in her home, a place where she is comfortable, where she has her life and her space.

After returning to my childhood home, adjacent to Pauline's, during the pandemic, I began seeing the familiar sight of Pauline’s house, and began documenting the outside world as it swept over her roof, using a neighbor’s perspective to watch as the world kept spinning even while we were trapped inside. .

'Pauline’s' shines a light on how homes sheltered us in a strange, stationary year full of tragedy while the natural world around us never stopped moving.