Project info

Shek Kip Mei is an area of Kowloon in Hong Kong where I spent my first 13 years of life there before moving to New York. This place not only holds a lot of memories, it is also the starting point of my life. This place affects the way I look at myself, relationship with people and the world.  Shek Kip Mei is like a foundation of my character.

It's been 20 years since I left my hometown and it has changed a lot over the years. All the familiar things seem unfamiliar.  In a physical sense, this place looks at me like a stranger.  I felt a sense of the emptiness as I wandered around. At the same time, I’m obsessed with those familiar scenes, like the park I used to hangout, the graffiti I used to pass by every time I walked up and down the stairs, the stores that I used to buy snacks but now closed, the mountain view that I used to enjoy with friends, the view when I was watching TV on the sofa at the same time peeking at my grandmother enjoying her meal in the kitchen. These scenes connect my emotion and remind me of the special relationship between the place and I. 

To me the concept of home is  abstract. It is not so much about the physical place. No matter where I am, Hong Kong, New York or somewhere I live in the future,  it is an endless transformation in my imagination through the experiences and memories of the place that connects to you.