Being young in times of pandemic
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For a long time, the world has been facing the particular challenges of a global pandemic. A time full of death and suffering and strife.In Germany, society is divided over the need for restrictive measures. Elderly people have to do without contact to their families. But young people are also hard hit. Young people who are in the middle of puberty or who are studying and have just started their adult life. They are also subject to the closure of educational institutions, the ban on contact with other young people. Their leisure time activities have been shut down and they live with a great responsibility, what impact their actions and life have on society. In my series I have portrayed three of them. Johan, student who does not know what to do with his energy. Annabelle, student, who wonders where the motivation to study at home will come from, and Isabelle, who ventured a new professional start in a city where she doesn't know anyone and currently can't get to know anyone.The photos are digital, artistically edited with apps that the young people also use and are meant to visualize their individual feeling. The accessories are meant to evoke a reference to old paintings, to illustrate the rigidity in which the young people are currently trapped. The flowers on the two still lifes that complement the portraits are withered in our family. As a long-term study. They stood in our living room for three weeks and we just didn't give them fresh water. The young people told me t