The Ark Homeless Community
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After doing a photo shoot in Manchester today (15/9/15), I noticed a small community of homeless people who had set up a small settlement underneath a bridge in the town centre named the Ark.

I asked a gentlemen inside the Ark if I could take some pictures of the signs on the gate and he immediately invited me inside. Justin was a lovely man who told me about how they had set the Ark up two or three months ago and all of the problems they have been having with the council regarding the small encampment that the homeless community had built there. The council will tomorrow come and tear down where they live forcing them to separate and become vulnerable, sleeping in doorways as they had done before.

From what I saw of this group, they were friendly and had simply decided that a small community where they looked after each other and shared house duties was the best and safest option for them as homeless people. There are around 10 tents in this little community where they have a kitchen, a TV room and even port-a-loos. The floor was spotless like it had just been brushed and there were bins for recycling. It was clean, tidy and well looked after like a proper home.

These people have decided to help themselves as they struggle to get help from the government and I am shocked that people are having to go through this in this day and age. Please, visit their Facebook page and sign the petition to help them in this terrible time.