5 days: Between refugees in Budapest
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The refugees are changing way to think about humanity and integration. Changing europe. On a morning at the beginning of september I woke up and read the news at the internet. It writes about a huge group of refugees arriving at the eastern railwaystation in Budapest.
Putting on the TV I get the first „stupid” informations because the reporter didn't speak hungarian just hinting what could happened next.
I get angry because I understud what was writing on the wall behind the reporter. I took my camera and take the metro to the eastern railwaystation to see what’s going on in reality.
Budapest was the melting point of this problem in those days, the whole world was watching what the hungarians do to the refugees.

But the police stay friendly, also a lot of volunteers come and help them. And the refugees were friendly with the people, too. Some of them took selfies with punks, who were sitting next to the station in the afternoon hours.

I also saw children sitting ont he floor, crying, painting, playing, mothers, brothers, sisters, students and men. The men and some of their wifes were protesting that the hungarians should open the Railwaystation again and let them go towards Austria and later Germany.
Shouting „germany, germany” and „we want go” they were frustrated but peaceful. Some of them told me, that they exactly know, the hungarian police wants to provocate them, but they don’t want any violence. They’re protesting peaceful for a quick and peacful solution. It was the truth.
I don’t see any violence which going out from the refugees during the days I spend there. After five days they get enough and started walking through Budapest and straight to the border of Austria.
During the days the men, 'cause they have the harder voice, were protesting in front of the station while others are playing, waiting, calling their families, wathcing their smartphones for news, standing in a row for some food or playing football in the middle of the square.
In the evening the kids get some cartoons viewed by the volunteers and the men where sining about their destiny, their homeland and about the future. Some of them started to dance.
On an other evening they want to have some broom and garbage bag so that they can but all the garbage away from the square, because they want to keep everything clean.

Everybody was peaceful and friendly, a lot of them comes to me and tell me their stories. Peaceful but also with pain in their eyes and faces.
They show me pictures of their homes, bomb down by the IS, the university where they study and from their yourney through Europe.
After five days I get a totally different picture of the refugees then through the media. I know that we can’t give place and home for everyone but we must be more open to people who really want to live here and who want to socialized and working and learning our language.
I saw dancing, smiling and happy people there. Happy, because they are a bit more save than in Syria. But they also asked me: What is freedom for me? Is freedom to stop people, to get them out of a country, showing that they are not welcome? Was is Union mean if we have such diffrent views on this subject?
I didn’t know the answer but I know, that there are friendly people who need help, who want to be integrated but laws should be followed buy everyone. We must stay together and help each other. Not just in times of money and peace, also in times of change and problems. The wind of change our way of thinking is here and we can feel it. Specially in Hungary. But also in party of europe.