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To many modern cultures in the world the heat from fire is intolerable and has negative convictions . However many cultures in the world still practice getting closer to heat through fire which they believe purifies and helps them cross the bridge to after life.
In ancient India there was a practice called SATI in which when a husband died the wife jumped into the pyre to become one with him whether she wishes or not. Though not practiced anymore there are many socio cultural ritualistic events such as in these photographs that are still practiced.
I was fortunate to witness this ancient dateless ritual called Theyyam in Kerala , India . What surprised my part eastern part western socio cultural mind that this event was held in a house with hardly any precautions for fire safety and no one flinched at the heat from the huge fire .The Gods and humans also did not wear or use any fire proof clothing or other materials . It was a incident free event and the very experience of photographing this from far gave me the purification I need .