Ashura western in Iran
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According to one of the Shia faith Throughout Iran, on the occasion of martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a grandson of Prophet Mohammad, shias mourn during the first ten days of the Islamic month of Muharram which among them two last days are special ones which have been called Tasua and Ashura. In some parts of Iran, these mourning have some differences. In Khorram Abad (the capital of Lorestan province ñ west of Iran- 491 km 307 miles southwest of Tehran) Chehel Menbari is a special tradition which has been performed for centuries.Early in the morning before the morning prayers of Ashura, Approximately at 4 a.m., they mix soil and water together and gather them in ponds and the wood will be burnt. Men in the early morning, in the coldness of winter go into the pond of mud and rub it all over their bodies And then stand in front of the fire until they dry and Almost after the morning prayers, about 8 a.m., they gather in small groups And all go toward a place for mourning and over there they beat their chest and head until the Muslim’s noon prayer of that day.