World Trade Center-2009
Project info

In 2009, I documented the reconstruction of the World Trade Centre. No other name/word/lingual expression can trigger memories, spatial & temporal associations & the imagination of an entire generation the way WTC does!

WTC is face of that nodal point in time that is perhaps the most crucial moment in contemporary history. And yet behind this face, thousands remain faceless – those who constructed it for the first time, thousands who lost their lives, their loved ones, their families, their friends on 9-11 – when history chooses to ignore lives, they become rumors, stories, half truths, incomplete lies. My essay is an attempt to reclaim a part of history that could loose itself this to oblivion.

Through this essay I wish to bring forth people who have and are working hard to reconstruct WTC. This set of environmental portraits offers you a window into these anonymous, faceless spirits.