Beauty is epiphany
Project info

"Beauty is epiphany" means that what photographically attracts me is not self-referential esthetics that generates fleeting pleasure. Simple happenings of the nature have a nameless beauty that calls for silent contemplation. Inside that contemplation beauty reveals itself to be a material passage for a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something that is somehow crucial and necessary for me.

The possibilities that photography, as both art and technique, is offering to me in order to explore basic questions about reality are absolutely unique. The art, like poetry, is so very close to pure science and they all bring us to the edge of our knowledge and make us look into the unknown that sometimes we feel so close to us, so familiar, so beautifully present yet elusive and unseen. The photographic technique gives us a privileged and unmatchable access to a different way of "seeing", the world, to go beyond our physical limits in perceiving time and space and light.

Each photo is part of a different series but there is something they all have in common, both series and single photos. The theme of each series is not in what I photograph, in the subject - object, but in how I approach the process of photographing. What I am looking for is not in what I see at the moment of shooting, nor what I already know at the moment of shooting. I do not photograph in order to show to the others what I see, to give to the world my vision of reality. It is quite the contrary, I photograph to see what I cannot see otherwise, to take from the world a vision that is the beginning of a new process of understanding, and not the final act.