En sombra (in shadow)
Project info

I focus my photography in peole, light and shadow. In "En sombra" you will find 20 black and white candid street photos, with a lot of geometry, strong subexpositions and high-contrast lighting, taken and edited only with mobile phones. The pictures were taken in Oviedo, Madrid, Berlin, Istanbul, Toledo, Granada, London, Paris and Lisboa between 2014 and 2015.
I think music is my main inspiration. I listen to music when I am shooting in the street and while I am editing. I love post rock music and all the entire spectrum of feelings and emotions that evokes and that I try to reproduce in my photos. For me, photography is a way of expressing emotions and mood states, so in this series I try to reflect emotions such as loneliness, melancholy, inner conflict or the
passage of time, confining my subjects between different geometric planes of light and shadow. So, in these pictures the light can represent a way out, a cell with bars, an island of hope, a transit zone or a double-edged sword, for twenty characters wandering erratically in their continuous search of light.