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In what some call its ecosystem, the modern city also generates its specific luminosity, made of the reflection of the sunlight on its multiple glass and steel façades.

In the era of hypermobility, the street is less and less a space for collective life. It has become a space continuous flow, and at the same time a scenic space. The anonymous crowd turns into a choregraphic ballet in the eyes of the careful observer of this particular lighting.

The light seems to emphasize even more the robotic aspect of the moving subject, and to strengthen the sense of isolation in the crowd, individuals looking like surrounded by a glass cube.

If we add the concept of smart city, and the work of urban planners to create better flows of circulation, can we then consider public space as staged, as a daily fiction?

French philosopher Jacques Rancière claims that ''the real is still the subject of fiction, it is a construction of space where the visible, the speakable and feasible tie up. It is the dominant fiction, the consensual fiction, which denies its own fictional character, pretending to be the real and drawing a single line of division between the sphere of the real and the performances, appearances, opinions and utopias. ''

This serie can resonate, in some way, with the series 'Heads' of Philip-Lorca diCorcia in the 1990’s (composed with flashes lights).