hello dolly!
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Hello Dolly!
The overbuilding of the territory is consuming an increasing share of agricultural area. Our suburbs are now clones of the city where shopping malls, multiplexes, industrial buildings, parking lots and social housing follow each other eroding the living space from which we derive our sustenance. In the near future Dolly, a doll of human size only survivor, wanders into a scene of degradation that has reduced the Earth to a pile of empty buildings and abandoned. The protagonist has a metaphysical significance inspired by anthropomorphic dummies of De Chirico. It 's an empty form, a container of images, memories and feelings vaguely human without a soul, it’s the projection of man's intellectual. Its plastic forms anonymous make it even stronger sense of loss of humanity, becoming a symbol of an era of consumerism and empty. Suggestions films and literature at the base of each image, which features the recall to the colors of the paintings of Edward Hopper and Philip K. Dick's sci-fi settings and theme that has inspired. The symbols in the consumption of our age, stripped of their function, become a totem worshiped by only a doll, no soul or intellect, showing a glimpse of the future towards which we are inexorably going.