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Deja - vu or Aesthetics of the common moment.

"A non taken picture is a memory that does not exist"
George Eastman
380 billion shots.
380 million images uploaded on Facebook every day.
4 billion photos uploaded on Istagram up to July 2012 .
I Click, I register , I share . Everything in the real world is a potential subject .
The trigger is the mechanical equivalent by which man realizes and catches his identity. Self-assertion and control. Reading a photo inevitably means
reading the mind and the ego of the author, perceiving the visual record of how the world appeared to him at the shooting. In this society of liquid democratic
photography , the image turns into an element of social virality. The private history is a plural history. And in this orgy of visions and sharing, your memories
become mine, and I find myself recalling moments that I have never lived. The digital revolution deprives photography of his inner soul , the one tied to
memory. The images of the past succumb to the uninterrupted flow of auto presentations of the ego in the present. The new noema is "Now". The
mechanical eye of the smartphone is an unconscious organ of our socializing body, a sexual fetish that spies the rituals of daily life, a vehicle for taking
possession of the feeling given by a glance and a moment. It is the apotheosis of the anonymous shot without aesthetic awareness. It is the glorification of a
trivial present, personal privacy turning into a show and presence certification. It's a redundant exhibition of ourselves. Communication at its primary degree.
An irregular and anarchic mass of images being absolutely replaceable.
As a modern digital narcissus , Giovanni Presutti gives us his ordinary moments that offer, as social masks of our ego, to anonymous pictures devourers
voyeurs, engaged in a perverse and greedy aesthetic trade.
It's a deformed chaos of shots incapable of real significance, burdened by an affective realism without sentimentalism.
Ritual performances, culinary diaries, non-alphabetic moods tied to a moment where time does not exist because everything is repetition.
972 mute images (accompanied by 18 videos), filtered by Hipstamatic lens, are perfectly positioned in 18 Pop aesthetic panels, ideal frame for the symbolic
exaltation of anonymous contemporary icons. And in the pressing repetition and multiplication of images Giovanni Presutti reveals the hegemony of multiple
on the original, the victory of the photographic ephemeral and the stunning of the Nothing. In a universe of pictures free from aesthetic disturbances, far
from reflections on the philosophy of seeing or on the images ambiguity, the photographic work of Presutti reveals an anxiety of perfection that triggers a
short circuit between the contemporary exasperation of aesthetics and the paucity of content.
Photographers VS Photographators
The excess of vision mangling the world beauty. "Rushing from one thing to another, without looking carefully, we lose everything. We need to stop. To look
at beside the mere watching. "

Benedetta Scannapieco