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The sacred valley is a magical powerful place. The mountains and splendid game of clouds that gather around your soul while you walk the silent land, welcome you into an unimaginable simple life filled with dignity under the burning sun and low oxygen thin cold air, shepherds herding alpacas, llamas and sheep through the highlands, children helping to work the land while they play around, a mix of simple pleasures and harsh pain.
Wandering through the Sacred Valley gives you a clear idea of the strength of the descendants of the Incas in the highland communities, protecting their land through time against large mining companies, taking care of their legacy and their culture through the preservation of their ancestral knowledge and language, the active recovery of their seeds, keeping their traditions and cooperation system that is a lesson of community. The equitable rules of coexistence and agriculture are rare, the land is theirs but it belongs to all of them as a group and the logistics of shared land, work and harvest are amazingly fair. These modest shepherds and potato pickers are proud people, and their humble existence and innocent smiles are a gift to my soul. The silence of the impressive landscapes and miles of solitude, bring me back to my own self in a search for the silence I have lost on the way. An emotional journey which connects me to these people in a very profound way.