The Torment of Gypsy Life
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Gypsy life is a simple look into a world of hardships for men, women, and children. They are a race of immigrants that want citizenship, but refuses to except to forego the rigorous application hoops because they feel they deserve all hand outs. With very few jobs offered. The gypsy sub culture many time is forced into scavenging at the host expenses. Copper wire is stripped from neighboring community homes and taken to a camp where it is stripped and melted down for cash.

Education is not required compartment in a child's education within the society. Often the children are taken out of school by their parents or individual within the society that controls the fate of the lives of the young. The battle of education is about the camp getting money from within the academic departments. When the money is not considered enough, children get pulled for class for service within the community of the gypsy camp. The teachers that come into these camps rarely get to enlighten the children with basic education which is required for all. Often the lack nourishment has caused many deficiencies after testing at health departments. The teacher most often is stuck trying to make children aware of what healthy meals are, then with reluctance the class room becomes the jungle jim.

Children are married early. Young girls are forced to produce a child from the marriage night. If not, her family is embarrassed and she herself is beaten and leased for service in another country. After three years a mother is separated from her child and is sent away for personal service. If unlucky she ends up in Turkey until her late forties. If she survives the men's bars as entertainment and services in other countries, she might try to reunite with her son, or daughter.

Children are brought up to learn the art of collecting wallets of tourist and locals. When caught they simple give a false name and age that states they are minors. With no proof of age law enforcement are helpless to reform children that are under age. Once release the children reunite and begin working in the train stations the next day.. Most children are tattooed to identify which Gypsy camp they are from. The older boys and girls work in packs at bus stations, train stations and crowded location where people are in a hurry and don’t focus on their personal belongings. Older girls are on the street helping her community in the night if kept and not leased out in countries that practice in the profits which are produced. As the woman matures and become old enough to train a young group of children herself to serve within the community. She might consider herself lucky.

Often government, and humanist groups encounter being black balled by gypsy ruling, members. They want the money designated to be handed out to the camp to go into their pockets directly, rather than badly needed heath, food, and living conditions in the cardboard tin shacks held up by splintered board.

In the end the local communities become upset when the lake and small river water families play in become unhealthy water ways. Communities endure a lot of abuse and often before the police are allowed to raid or after the police raids a gypsy camp. Their make shift squatter's home is burned to the ground, but with in weeks the camp rises from the ashes.