Dynamic Landscapes
Project info

Painting has many privileges; one of them is to evoke emotions. This can be achieved through colors, shapes and content. Photography on the other hand, is primarily a medium of documentation. Regardless of how the photography is presented, it always remains a proof of time and place. My achievement is however, to combine both. Driven by the impetus of a passionate artist I take pictures that are full of emotion which I apply in the same way as painters do.
Many of my pictures seem to originate from a different world; magical, an ideal background for fairytales, dreams or nightmares. Other ones seem to have been taken directly off a painter’s easel. An abstract artist, who, applying the technique of transparent coating, succeeds to produce brilliance and depth in the colors he uses. Others again only consist of reflections, trails of white and colored light, caught and distorted with the camera.
The intensive colorful impressions of my landscapes and the way I use light effects make my pictures very emotional. They show a deep glowing, which shows close affinity with works from the Impressionist period. A lush green spring slope, a snow covered field shimmering in the violet light of dusk – the intriguing thing is that everyone can find and see whatever his feeling suggests him to find and see in every single picture.