The meaning of being an adult in Japan
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My profession is a beautician. I made her hair style and I took pictures of her. In Japan they perform a congratulation ceremony when you become 20 years old.

When a person reaches 20 years of age, they are considered to be an adult in Japan. People celebrate the adulthood of those reaching 20 on what is known as seijinnohi, or coming-of-age day. This celebration used to be held on January 15th, but it was moved to the second Monday of January in the year 2000.
Each town and city has its own ceremony. The “new adults” go back to their hometown to attend the ceremony, so it is a good opportunity for them to catch up with old friends.
Many women wear furisode, colorful, long-sleeved kimono, and have their hair dressed in a formal style while some men also wear kimono with hakama. Many of the people take a photo before the ceremony is performed.