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Southern hemisphere, northern hemisphere, 15000km between these two islands.
On one side Mauritius situated on the legendary Spice Route, where the Old Occident and the mystical Orient meet.
On the other side, Cuba, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, half way between the United States in the north and South America.

In the morning sweetness, behind the turquoise waters of the lagoons, the softened colours of a well-lit architecture. The colour we like as a garment on a bare wall. A well-arranged collection of colours aiming at a sensation of harmony. In addition to that, light and shade enlarge the scenery on every side and make us forget the ground.
Coloured game on the wall. It could be illustrated, moved forward, backward, changing in front of our eyes.
Finally, there is the isolated figure, alone ,standing out of the red or blue of the front walls.
This figure whose relief is so rich when you see it as part of a landscape.