Short Leash
Project info

Sky, a blue eyed mixed breed of a Siberian Husky and a black German Sheppard.

Luke, his son from a white Sheppard were my brother's dogs.

My brother lives in Eilat on the north tip of the red sea. Summer in Eilat is extremely hot and not fun at all for dogs with Siberian genes.

In the summer of 2011 I took Sky and Luke to cool off in Netanya, the city where I live at, located on the Mediterranean shore just north of Tel Aviv.

For nearly three months they were under my care, doing everything together - inseparable. As a street photographer I carry a camera with me at all times and it only felt natural to combine both my photography and walking the dogs three times a day

Although both are big dogs and somewhat intimidating, they are both "gentle giants" who love people and kids, the interaction of the dogs with the environment and people offered some great moments to be captured.

Walking two big dogs in one hand and holding a camera at the other, I really had no saying where we were going which made me wonder who had who on a short leash.

Shortly after they have returned home, a Thyroid cancer erupted and took Sky from us. He's been a wonderful part of our family for thirteen years. In August 2015, Luke, the second dog died in his sleep at the age of 14. This series is dedicated to their memory.