The power of our ancestors
Project info

‘The power of our ancestors’ is an immersive performance at Tate Museum celebrating the lives and contributions of the women who came before us.

In March 2020, at the TATE museum, 50 Latin American and BME womxn shared their stories of migration and celebrated their ancestors through traditional singing, dancing and autobiographical poetry.

Invited by LAWA, Nina Franco created the three main installations of the event; a performance with members of the community, Sophia and Simone telling stories of braided hair; a central altar where each artist, at the end of the performance, offered objects in memory of other womxn; a new version of the Anonymous installation was created to honour the missing womxn victims of the dictatorship in Brazil.

Organised by @lawalondon and @mina_theatre

Photos: Chili
Video: @louisecarpenedo