The Gift of Regret
Project info

Every regret is a gift that opens a new door!

This series is based on an inner exploration of my history and values. The influences from my past linger, and looking back leads me to the things I have left behind; the path I never walked; the lifestyle that is about to disappear.
I find myself exploring feelings that surround the abandonment of my former scientific profession and comparing life in my country of origin to life in the US. I examine my core values about knowledge, education, and wisdom. I think about changes in communication, nourishment, lifestyle, and globalization.
In The Gift of Regret, I choose objects to symbolize these changes and values. By wrapping or presenting them as gifts, I preserve and honor them in my memory. After sitting with these images for a long time and experiencing the loss, I now feel that I can let go of regrets to make room in my heart for my new journey.

-Astrid Reischwitz-