Sounds of Life
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Miyagi November, More than 100,000 geese fly to Izunuma, a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention, for wintering. At sunrise, the geese take off all at once. This day was the biggest departure of the year.
In Izunuma, the crowing of geese echoes,
The sounds of barking and flapping have been selected as one of the "100 Soundscapes of Japan".
Izu swamp is a place where you can hear the sound of life.

There are many wetlands in the northern part of Miyagi prefecture in Japan.
Some of them are registered under the Ramsar Convention. Many migratory birds visit from autumn to winter for wintering.
During that period, life is nurtured with the sounds of many birds, and the "sounds of life" reverberate.

The reason why many migratory birds come to the wetlands around here is that while there are comfortable living environments, many of the wetlands in Japan have been lost.
And, due to the large number of migratory birds, the water quality of "Izunuma" is the worst in Japan due to the influence of bird droppings, and there is concern that it will be filled with droppings in the future.

What I felt most strongly when I first visited Izunuma. It was the depth and preciousness of life.
The cry and flapping that I heard in the morning when the white-fronted goose flew away, the sound that impressed me, and the desire to convey the life's activities were the reasons I started shooting.
Izunuma has many problems such as deterioration of water quality, but it is my wish and motivation to continue shooting to keep this beautiful and magnificent sight.