FROM 7 to 7. When time stands still
Project info

30 is the age of a new young-blood generation. This long-term project is realized inside the houses of men and women, aged over 30 and who live alone and are perfect strangers to me. They have accepted me to stay in their homes photographing their lives from the evening to the next morning. I entered in their everyday intimate lives, in that space where no one has ever investigated before and where a world of solitude, meditation, gesture and rite is hidden; invisible viewer of a world suspended between reality and imagination that belong to every one of us.

Starting from routine, from common gestures, from domestic spaces, from objects, from habits, tells a story of the hidden world that deeply belongs to us, of that individual time of loneliness, both chosen and imposed, that is only privately ours, when we close the door of our house after a working day and we are alone, on our own until the next day comes, when we have to go back to our “social life.”