Reconstructed past (Passé recomposé)
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Until I discovered with my own eyes, Romania reminded me that two major memories : the corpses of Nicolas and Elena Ceausescu on my TV screen granddaughter, then, shortly after, the tears of my father returned from a stay of several weeks in Transylvania.

That was in 1989. Following the fall of the dictator, the country was economically and morally off death. Everything had to be reinvented in terms of democracy, but the new leaders seemed to lose by trying to find a balance between the rubble of a planned communist and the ideal of a market economy in the Western system.

That was in 1989, at that time, I was only 8 years old, but I remember when I was looking at the Paris Match and great photojournalism reports showing us the resurrection of an entire country in images. It was in Europe. It was almost home.

In the winter months in 1990, self-help associations were created by Swiss citizens volunteered to take the road and assist in this difficult Romania bandaged his wounds and thinking of his reconstruction. In one of these trucks, there was my father and other people of my village. A team of ten people, who remained three weeks in a small Transylvanian village and who came back with dozens of photographic film as a testimony of the miserable spectacle they had seen in the countryside. Subsequently, several trips took place during a decade, until the project ended.

Today, through a number of photographs dating there are between 10 and 20 years, I was able to provide me a collection of images archives. I decided to go there with these old images and conduct a photographic project around them. I returned the scene with some people on these images and tried to reconstruct the various scenes immortalized then .