Project info

Diptych is something, that is born from two different sides, something that is born in between. Symbolic environment shows us it’s power - it influences on us, on our way of thinking, perceiving, reading the information - It is forming cultural code, typical for some territory. What is happening on the border of those symbolic environments, on the border of languages, countries, cultural layers? Do they connect easily, flowing from one to another or maybe there’s a conflict, difficult transition? In any case, this is an interaction and the process of cross - fertilisation. This series aims to show the extension and juxtaposition of the inner (psychological) and outer (cultural) landscapes. What happens to us, when we live in another country? Do we learn how to read and use other cultural codes? Do we extend our own cultural field, common symbolic environment? Or, symply, we become another person? Light, landscape, Symbol is different everywhere. Through this difference we could cognise unity. Through the difference of the form we could decode the equality of the essence, if we accept the difference, believing in unity. Thus, Diptych is an attempt to define the borderline, that separates on the one hand, and connects on the other. If we perceive both sides united, we come to the synthesis, which makes the extension possible. But it is only possible in acceptance of all-sufficient of each side. Only this way true, respectful, deep communication is possible.