Berlin sanatorium
Project info

This sanatorium was built near Berlin, Germany around 1900 as a tuberculosis clinic and includes dozens of buildings .
During the First World War it was used as a military hospital . In October and November 1916 a soldier named Adolf Hitler stayed here because he was recovering from a leg wound suffered as a soldier during the Battle of the Somme .
Until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 , the complex was used as a hospital for the Soviet military. In 1990, Erich Honnecker was treated here for cancer . But he soon had to flee to Moscow to avoid imminent imprisonment in Germany
Years after the departure of the Russiansthe buildings are decaying .
A Berlin construction magnate bought the complex in 1994 and renovated one of the main buildings , which is still in use. However he had choked on the project and went bankrupt in 2001 . In 2008, a Potsdam architect acquired the property and is looking for an investor since then .
So far in vain , while the buildings are slowly destroyed by nature and vandalism .